The Camarda Bookcase
Reading a book opens a new world to a young mind.

The Camarda Bookcase Needs Your Support

Your new and gently used books, your financial support and gift‑wrapping supplies are needed to enable The Camarda Bookcase to continue and expand its efforts to collect, catalog, gift‑wrap and distribute books to disadvantaged individuals throughout the year, especially during the holiday season. The Camarda Bookcase functions throughout the year and is not limited to distributing books only during the holiday season.

100% of your contributions go to the purchase of new books and gift‑wrapping supplies.

We at The Camarda Bookcase are seeking sponsors who have proven their dedication to supporting literacy and building better communities. Sponsors like you. When you become a sponsor of The Camarda Bookcase, you make a difference on the individual and community‑wide level. Your help will not only provide free books to disadvantaged children, teens and adults wanting to read, it will give these individuals the opportunity to positively transform their lives and futures, which will, in turn, affect the futures of all of us.

Books, donations and/or gift‑wrapping supplies can be mailed to:

The Camarda Bookcase

26532 Poinsettia Court
Laguna Hills, CA 92653-7556

The Camarda Bookcase values and respects an individual's right to keep certain personal information private. Read our privacy policy on our Contact Us page.

Over 50,000 books have been provided to the disadvantaged in Orange County!
❝ The Camarda Bookcase gave our foundation a generous gift of over 3800 books. Approximately 300 of these books are used in our office to create a children's resource library. The other 3500 gift‑wrapped books were given to children at our Christmas party. The excitement expressed on their faces as they received these gift‑wrapped books was priceless. They were so happy! ❞

Alma Gaurano

Administrator at the The Path of Hope Foundation.